chaldean population in michigan

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Michigan’s Metro Detroit area is home to the largest Chaldean community outside of Iraq with an estimated population of 121,000.

Community Overview – Chaldean Chamber of Commerce




Community Overview – Chaldean Chamber of Commerce

Michigan’s Metro Detroit area is home to the largest Chaldean community outside of Iraq with an estimated population of 121,000.


Chaldean Americans at a-glance – Chaldean Chamber of Commerce…/chaldean-americans-at-a-glance/

Metro Detroit has the world’s largest population outside of Iraq, with an estimated 160,000 people. An estimated 500,000 Chaldeans/Assyrians reside throughout the United States, particularly in Arizona, California, Illinois and other states.


History of the Middle Eastern people in Metro Detroit – Wikipedia…/History_of_the_Middle_Eastern_people_in_Metro _Detroit

Arab-owned businesses in Dearborn, Michigan.
In 2004, Metro Detroit had one of the largest settlements of Middle Eastern people, including Jews, Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Arabs, in the United States. As of 2007 about 300,000 people in Southeastern Michigan traced their descent from the Middle East.


Chaldean Catholics – Wikipedia

Chaldean Catholics known simply as Chaldeans (Kaldāye; ܟܠܕܝ̈ܐ or ܟܲܠܕܵܝܹܐ),
are Assyrian … Regions with significant populations …. In Southeast Michigan
there is a Chaldean community numbering 34–113,000 people. This is the
largest …


Chaldeans in MichiganChaldean News…/chaldean-in-michigan

Mar 1, 2018 Chaldeans in Michigan. March 1, 2018 … The Chaldean population in
Metropolitan Detroit is estimated to be between 155,000 and 160,000.


Michigan’s Iraqi Chaldean community is fighting to protect dozens of ……/michigan_s_iraqi_chaldean_community_is_fighting_to_ protect_dozens_of_people.html

Sep 4, 2017 Michigan’s Chaldean Christians escaped persecution in Iraq and ….. the
diminishing Christian population with the resources it has available.”.


Chaldean Town, MI Population & Demographics – AreaVibes…/demographics/

Statistic, Chaldean Town, Detroit, Michigan. Population, 639, 683,443, 9,909,600.
Population density (sq mi), 1,885, 4,927, 101. Median age, 33.8, 34.8, 39.5.


Little Baghdad in Sterling Heights – Second Wave…/SterlingHeightsChaldean0227.aspx

Oct 6, 2011 Sterling Heights is the safest city in Michigan with a population over 100,000 …
But Chaldeans are not the only growing ethnic population in the …


Arab American Community in Detroit Michigan

Chaldeans first came to Detroit between 1910 and 1912, before the
establishment … Among the most recent arrivals to Michigan’s Arab-American
population are …


Who are Chaldeans in Michigan? – Quora

Chaldeans are Iraqi Christians—the vast majority are Catholic Christians. …
Michigan is home to, I believe, the largest Chaldean population in the country.


What explains Michigan’s large Arab American community ……/what-explains-michigans-large-arab-american- community

Jul 9, 2014 Most of those immigrants are Iraqis–and most are Chaldean, … data has long
undercounted the Arab-American population by as much as half.


Michigan’s immigrant population is declining — except for one group ……/michigans-immigrant-population-declining- except-one-group

Sep 5, 2013 Fewer immigrants are choosing to make Michigan their new home, … though the
Chaldean population is significant in southeast Michigan.


Detroit’s Chaldean community fears for Middle … – Michigan Radio…/detroits-chaldean-community-fears-middle-east- christians

Jan 1, 2012 Most members of that community are Chaldean, mostly Iraqi Catholics. Southeast
Michigan is home to the largest Chaldean population outside …



arabic census fact sheet.pmd – Center for Urban Studies – Wayne …

Over a third of Arab-origin Michigan residents in 1990 were born outside of the
U.S., and of …. Chaldean population in Wayne County (2,629 in 2000) and
almost …


Arab-Americans will continue to grow in metro Detroit…/michigan/…chaldean…/17804861/

Oct 24, 2014 In Michigan, Arab-Americans have a long history that stretches back to … Middle
Eastern population, consisting of Chaldeans (Iraqi Catholics), …


Chaldean Americans – History, Migration to the united states ……/Chaldean-Americans.html

The majority of Chaldean Americans live in Detroit, Michigan, although there are
… United States, they represent less than 10 percent of the population of Iraq.



Chaldeans in Southeast Michigan –…/Chaldean%20Community%20Survey%20Jan%202018.pdf

and Syriac community – who will broadly be described as Chaldean in this
document. The Chaldean population in metropolitan Detroit is estimated to be …



Chaldean report-Final.pmd – AAA1b…/Chaldean_report-Final.pdf

1991 Needs Assessment of the Arab and. Chaldean 60 and Over Population in
Michigan. Conducted by Michigan Office of Services to the Aging. Created by.


Urban Dictionary: Chaldean

In Michigan, most live in Sterling Heights, Detroit, and everything between … The
Chaldean People are basically the roman catholic population from/in Iraq.


Detroit Arab American study portrays a complex population

Aug 9, 2004 The University of Michigan · News Services … Fifteen percent of Arabs and
Chaldeans in the Detroit area say they personally have had a … The general
population believes Arab Americans need to do more to fight terrorism, …